Types and Applications of Electroplated Diamond Grinding Heads


Due to the superior performance of diamond tools, more and more diamond tools are used. The electroplated diamond grinding head is a diamond tool that uses a certain binder to bind the abrasive and is used for a grinding machine, a grinding machine, a polishing machine or a special installation tool.

Electroplated diamond grinding head is one of the grinding head grinding tools. It uses a certain binding agent to bind the abrasives. It is generally installed in grinding machines, grinding machines, polishing machines, or special installation tools, etc. It is widely used in optical lenses, Prism, watch glass, sapphire glass.

Through the processing of various workpieces to achieve the effect of grinding, grinding, polishing; according to the use of purpose, is divided into the following types of grinding head:

1. Grinding class: It is mainly installed on the grinding head of the grinding machine. The workpiece is subjected to internal grinding, external cylindrical grinding, etc. Grinding, grinding, and processing can be classified into rough grinding and fine grinding.

2. Grinding class: It is generally used to grind the burrs of workpieces, or to process the workpiece surface with low precision. The use of grinding machines, electric, pneumatic tools and other high-speed operation to achieve the effect of grinding.

3. Polishing class: It is used exclusively for processing with high surface roughness (roughness) and is a process that requires separate processing.

Electroplated diamond grinding head: Due to the high hardness of diamond itself. It is divided into man-made and natural, of which the natural hardness is higher, but it is expensive due to scarcity. As a result, synthetic diamond abrasive products are currently the most used in the market. Therefore, the use of diamond grinding heads is also more extensive. There are many types and specifications of this type of diamond grinding head according to the national standards. The special performance is in the size and shape of the grinding head. These are determined according to the use of diamond grinding heads. For example, when grinding the inner hole, the grinding head is very prominent. At the same time, it is also a good helper for ordinary grinding heads, especially when used for difficult-to-grind materials.

As the diamond grinding head is mainly made of diamond abrasive, it is made of resin, metal, ceramic and other binding agents. Here, the use of diamond grinding heads is also very special, where grinding holes and other grinding wheels cannot be worn, mainly for grinding, polishing and grinding purposes. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the above diamond, according to the material can be divided into use for grinding high and hard alloys, non-metallic materials.

In this regard, the use of diamond grinding head compared with ordinary grinding wheel, there are unique features, it has high hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance, diamond grinding head in the grinding process, to become hard and brittle materials and hard The ideal tool for quality alloys is to use it to grind the workpiece not only with high efficiency, high precision, but also with good roughness, low consumption of grinding wheel, long service life, and at the same time can improve working conditions.

Therefore, the use of this diamond grinding head is becoming more and more obvious. It is widely used in ordinary iron wheels difficult to process low iron content metal and non-metallic hard brittle materials such as carbide, agate gem, high-alumina porcelain, optical glass , semiconductor materials, stone and so on. In the grinding industry, the choice of abrasive bonding properties varies depending on the material being processed. Electroplating grinding head is one of them. It is made of diamond or CBN abrasive. It plays an important role in grinding of hard-to-grind materials, high-precision materials, and superhard materials.